Are you looking for a boiler service provider, on whom you can depend completely for all kinds of boiler installation, repair, maintenance, and upgrades? Well, then you need to get in touch with O’Brien Boiler Services Pty Ltd. This is a highly reputable service provider in Australia, serving industrial clients with an entire range of boiler services and ensuring the smooth functioning of the plant operations. Other than these, boiler sales and training facilities are also provided by this company.

Want to Buy Second-hand Boilers in Australia?

O’Brien Boiler Services Pty Ltd is offering used boilers for sale. This can prove to be a very cost-effective purchase. If you think that your budget is not permitting buying brand new boilers, then you can always opt for used boilers for sale. You can buy only the boiler or may also buy it along with the associated ancillaries that are offered in a complete package by this company. You can choose from the new and second-hand associated ancillaries.

Used Boilers for Sale

O’Brien Boiler Services Pty Ltd has an extensive network of the most trusted suppliers, who can offer you used boiler ancillaries of superior condition. These reputable and reliable tradespeople ensure that all the components of the second-hand boilers are disassembled, tested, repaired, or replaced flawlessly with the utmost efficiency and professionalism. O’Brien Boiler Services Pty Ltd makes sure that the used boilers and ancillaries are delivered to you in the best working condition and you can use the same for a long time in various industrial applications. So, even when you are buying used boilers for sale near me, you can be sure that you won’t have to compromise on the quality of the products.

High-quality Steam and Hot Water Boilers are Offered

Varieties of new and used boilers of varying capacities are offered for sale by O’Brien Boiler Services Pty Ltd. The boilers are refurbished by following the advanced techniques and checked several times to ensure that they are working fine. And therefore, you can invest in these refurbished boilers without a second thought and reap the best benefits.

The services offered by O’Brien Boiler Services Pty Ltd are not limited to boiler sales, flawless installation of the boilers in your plant in a prompt, organized, and timely manner is also ensured by the highly skilled Installation and Project Management team. All these vital steps of the boiler purchase, delivery, and installation process are supervised by the efficient Project Managers of this company. If you need spare parts for the boilers, then that can also be arranged by these service providers as they stock a huge inventory of boiler spare parts and components.

So, you don’t ever need to feel skeptical about buying second-hand boilers from O’Brien Boiler Services Pty Ltd.