Used and Hire Boilers

At O’Brien we have an ever-changing list of remanufactured stock boilers. Our used boilers are thoroughly inspected prior to them being deemed as suitable for remanufacture and supported by our service team to ensure reliability.

Our current contracts and connections within the industry guarantee we have access to a vast range of used boilers for those wishing to purchase a used boiler to ensure continuity and reliability in your steam plant.

When operating a steam plant, there are many factors which determine the reliability and availability of a steam supply. Whether the steam is used to power a system or as a part of a process, mechanical engineers and power plant operators know that, in the majority of installations, management expects the system to run 24 hours per day throughout the year. Real-world conditions often make this impossible.

Frequently, there is a need for a temporary steam plant to replace or augment the permanent system for one of the following reasons:

Although management expects steam plants to operate without interruption, as well as to meet new and changing requirements, the likelihood that one of the above listed factors will affect any steam plant operation in one year’s time is 100 percent! Furthermore, the probability that some part of a steam plant will cause an interruption in service at least once during any year is about 20 percent.

One way to greatly improve the chances that your system will be able to supply steam reliably and without interruption is by planning for installation of a temporary steam plant. Typically, this means making adequate provisions for quickly installing a rental boiler and auxiliary equipment. Steam plant equipment that can be rented for both short- and long-term periods include:

The best time to plan for installing a temporary steam plant is before the need actually arises. Including provisions for a temporary steam plant can be very cost effective if accomplished when building a new facility, or when making changes to upgrade your current power boiler or steam plant. Such provisions can be as simple as installing additional connections for steam, water, fuel and power.

Current Boiler Stock
Current Boiler Stock

O’Brien has a wide range of boilers currently in stock for sale, or rent in Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, or Brisbane.