The OBYTRON Burner Management System

Fuel prices and pressure to reduce CO2 emissions are prompting industrial boiler operators to look at ways of improving efficiency. If your boiler uses a conventional mechanical linkage control system then you are almost certainly wasting fuel. By installing an electronic Burner Management System, savings of over 10% can be made in fuel usage, running costs and CO2 emissions. Further efficiency improvements and cost savings can be made by adding Oxygen Trim and VSD Control options. 

Some of the benefits of the OBYTRON Burner Management System

O2 trim control

Why O2 Trim Control?

Additional Fuel Savings – Mechanical burners are typically adjusted with fixed excess air levels to compensate for the varying ambient and atmospheric conditions. With the advance burner controller, the O2 trim control system automatically adjust the O2 levels to constantly optimise the excess air levels.

Increased Safety – Constant monitoring of the O2 levels in the exhaust gas and an adjustable O2 alarm curve ensure constant safe fuel-air mixtures.

Reduced Emissions – O2 trim reduces the excess air levels resulting in a better fuel to air ratio thus reducing the production of harmful emissions.

Combustion Efficiency – The system will allow the display of the combustion efficiency on the display unit, offering you better monitoring of the boiler’s performance.

For more information on O2 Trim Control, please see the below brochure.

Variable speed drives

On conventional burners, the fans run according to the frequency at a constant speed. With a Variable Speed Drive (VSD), the speed of the fan is reduced to the actual requirement in the mid and low firing range, consuming less power and accordingly reducing your energy bill.

The variations in motor speed lead to a substantial decrease of the sound levels, eliminating the need for sound reduction measures, improving your work environment.

For more information on Variable Speed Drives, please see the below brochure.