Engineering & Consulting

O’Brien’s engineering and consultancy services range from audits and planning through to preliminary and detailed design. The wealth of knowledge available within our team and network of partners is unparalleled.

We have a great understanding that the systems we design are critical to the performance of our clients’ operations and we custom the solution to meet the required outcomes. O’Brien is able to offer a unique perspective when designing systems due to our people being constantly exposed to hands on experience through our existing services and case studies.

With the cost of energy consumption in a steam system almost the entirety of the system’s cost, it makes good business sense to run an energy efficient system.

Defining the limitations of your current system is the key to finding the best solution to achieving energy efficiency for your business. O’Brien will be able to help you answer the following questions:

Energy Efficiency

O’Brien will work closely with you to determine your scope and budget in order to provide you with information you are able to use for the procurement of your new system, upgrade of your existing system or for further understanding of your current system.

Available Services

Energy Audits

O'Brien conducts Energy Audits as per AS3598 Energy Audits. We will determine the actual running costs of your system and present this information in a format which is useful and can be used to make informed decisions.

Energy Efficiency Upgrades

O'Brien will work with you to determine the most effective solution for your upgrades by reviewing every aspect of your system.

New Steam System Solutions

O'Brien can engineer, design and procure new system solutions to suit your process.

Please contact us for further information on our available Engineering & Consultancy Services.