O’Brien Energy is an Accredited Provider of the Victorian Energy Upgrades Program, registered to deliver gas efficiency activities as part of the scheme.  Accredited providers can generate Victorian Energy Efficiency Certificates for installations of energy efficient products, the value of certificates is then passed onto the consumer to reduce their capital expenditure. O’Brien Energy is the first organisation in Australia to be able to provide energy efficiency products with direct access to the gas efficiency activities of the VEU Scheme

Victorian Energy Upgrades

How can the Victorian Energy Upgrades Program Help my Business?

O’Brien Energy offers the highest efficiencies in the market. As a supplier of highly efficient equipment for many years in the field of gas, steam and water, our expertise allows us to supply equipment with industry leading efficiencies that cannot be matched by others. Teamed with the Victorian Energy Upgrades Program, O’Brien can deliver gas efficiency activities such as boiler replacements and economiser installations that will not only reduce ongoing energy consumption but unlock funding for the reduction of the capital expenditure.

To assess your eligibility for the program, contact the Strategic Development Manager – Carbon and Energy Reduction, Megan Duniam at: megan@obrien-energy.com

Similar schemes are available across the country, and O’Brien Energy is working towards expanding our services to include further schemes and areas.